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We’re an international qualitative research provider specialising in the pharmaceutical industry and medical device sector.

  • Global reach
  • Qualitative research
  • Active recruiters
  • Hard-to-reach healthcare professionals
  • Medical market research participant recruitment
  • Translation service
  • Online qualitative surveys
  • Rare diseases
  • High-calibre moderators
  • Low-prevalence diseases
  • All size projects
  • Cost-effective
  • Personalised
  • Adaptive

“Working with Lucy at LDA is an absolute pleasure, she is very well connected and has great knowledge in the medical field”

Amy, BEAM Fieldwork

‘Over the seven years we’ve worked with LDA they have executed global programs of qualitative research across Europe, the USA and Asia. Our team has been very impressed with their attention to detail, customer service and project management.’

Paul, Managing Director

“I have been working in and around doctors, hospitals, PCTs and big pharma for many years and out of all the projects I work on I can honestly say that… LDA Research do have the edge. They actually interact with the respondents and understand the topics they are discussing.”

Liz, Professional Transcriber

We’ve worked with Lucy and her team on numerous projects, both in the UK and globally, and they have never failed to deliver, even with hard-to-reach samples. If things get tough Lucy is always willing to ‘go the extra mile’, we know we’re in ‘safe hands’ which is a great reassurance”

Ewan Crosbie, Silver Fern

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Therapy areas

Cardiology Endocrinology/diabetes  Gastroenterology  Genetic disease   Haematology  Immunology  Respiratory medicine  Oncology  Nutrition  Obstetrics and gynaecology  Neurology  Paediatrics and neonatology  Vaccines  Rare and low incidence diseases  Addiction  Mental health

Medical devices

Surgical consumables  Diagnostics  Monitoring  point of care diagnostics  Imaging  IT systems  Wound care  Surgical tools. Capital equipment  Infusion  Drug delivery  Orthopaedics  Cath labs  Sleep (PAP), implants  Emergency medical equipment  Respiratory technologies  Endoscopy  Incontinence care

FREE LDA Research Insight Surveys

LDA Research are proud to be able to share their series of qualitative surveys and infographics. We run regular surveys with different patient and healthcare professionals to gain some key insights into different markets.  All of our surveys are available to download through our web-site free of charge.  We cover a wide range of topics. If you would like more in-depth information about any of our surveys, or would like to suggest a future survey topic please contact us using our contact form.

Our Survey on Eczema is available to download FREE here

Our Survey on sleep apnoea is available to download FREE here

Our 2018 Cancer Survey is available to download FREE here

Our Epilepsy Survey is available to download FREE here

Watch this space for our next survey coming soon…

FREE LDA Research Insight Surveys