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How to Manage Depth Interviews

A Guide to Conducting In-Depth Medical Market Research Interviews The in-depth interview is of huge value when it comes to the collection and analysis of qualitative medical market research data. It’s a tried and tested methodology which is most often carried out in a one-to-one format in person, by phone, or online. Key to the […]

How Do You Manage GDPR in Face-to-Face Research Interviews?

How Do You Manage GDPR in Face-to-Face Research Interviews? You may remember all the ‘opt-in’ pop-ups that started appearing on websites last Spring? That was due to the General Data Protection Regulation which came into effect in May 2018.  The aim of the regulation was to protect online consumers from having their personal data misused […]

How Does a ‘Detailed Follow Up’ Work?

LDA Research Helps You to Assess the Impact of Product Communications One aspect of the work we do at LDA Research is to support pharmaceutical companies in bringing new products to market. We may be asked to carry out competitor analysis, or develop research which supports decisions on how the product is positioned in the […]

One-to-One Interviews and Focus Groups

The quality of medical market research is determined largely by the context in which it is gathered. The qualitative research team at LDA has been conducting interviews via phone, web, and in person for a good while now, and we all agree that the medium of communication plays in important role in the type, and […]

Using TDIs, CATIs and WATIs for Healthcare Market Research

At LDA Research we’ve built an enviable reputation for accessing patients and healthcare professionals from across the world. Our clients come to us for global intelligence and we utilise a range of methodologies that facilitate international market research in healthcare. Much of the research we are asked to undertake in the pharmaceutical and medical device […]

Medical Device Market Research

LDA Research was set up in 2011, in Bedfordshire, and for the past 7 years the core team has been pursuing their passion globally. We’re lucky enough to spend our time providing specialist qualitative research for the rapidly growing medical device sector. Every member of the team is committed to providing high quality, bespoke market […]