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LDA Research was founded by Lucy Doorbar in 2011, in order to provide our London clients with bespoke qualitative research for the medical device and pharmaceutical sector. Based in Bedfordshire the LDA team bring their extensive experience in medical market research to research excellence on every project. Together, we’re a force to be reckoned with when it comes to providing innovative, qualitative research with a global reach.

Effective Qualitative Research

Working both locally and globally to provide specialist qualitative research for our London clients means matching the approach to the task effectively. We employ a range of data gathering techniques which include:

Telephone Depth Interviewing (TDIs) -Recently used with epileptologists in UK on the topic of paediatric focal seizures

Web Assisted Telephone Interviewing (WATIs) – Recently used in UK, USA, UAE and Germany on a new managed service IT solution for hospitals with C-suite and IT respondents

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATIs) – Recently used with Irish pharmacists – topic chemotherapy compounding

Face-to-Face Interviews – Recently used in Manchester with GPs and pharmacists on the topic of over the counter medicines.

Bespoke Qualitative Research

Key to the effectiveness of our approach is:

  • An in-house team of experienced medical market researchers
  • A network of specialist moderators with extensive experience in the medical sector
  • A mature global network that we actively grow for each research project

This combination allows us to go the extra mile for clients, always with the aim of collecting the very best data available. An example of this bespoke approach is a recent project on parental nutrition. We worked with nurses, pharmacists and ICU customers using war gaming and virtual hospital modelling. This kind of innovative approach is guaranteed to raise the energy and engagement of the participants, which impacts positively on the quality of the data collected. Allowing participants to apply their expertise in ways that challenge their expectations tends to lead to excellent research results.

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Qualitative Market Research for London Clients

FREE LDA Research Insight Surveys

LDA Research are proud to be able to share their series of qualitative surveys and infographics. We run regular surveys with different patient and healthcare professionals populations to gain some key insights into different markets.  All of our surveys are available to download through our web-site free of charge.  We cover a wide range of topics. If you would like more in-depth information about any of our surveys, or would like to suggest a future survey topic please contact us using our contact form.

Our Survey on Eczema is available to download FREE here

Our Survey on sleep apnoea is available to download FREE here

Our 2018 Cancer Survey is available to download FREE here

Watch this space for our next survey coming soon…

Qualitative Market Research for London