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Tailor-made medical market research

LDA Research has been providing their clients in Birmingham with tailor-made qualitative and quantitative research since starting the business in 2011. They specialise in offering innovative, global research programmes in the medical devices and pharmaceutical sector. They’re experts at delivering hard-to reach samples and they use their extensive network of specialist healthcare professionals to access first-class medical market research.

International Qualitative Data

LDA research team has built a reputation for being specialists in medical market research. Our clients choose us because of our expertise, and our extensive international network. We regularly source specialist healthcare panels and research participants in the USA, Asia, New Zealand, Australia and 14 countries in Europe. Recent work for clients in Birmingham includes IDIs (In Depth Interviews) focusing on ulcerative colitis with patients and nurses, and 60 minute IDIs with pulmonologists and cardiologists on a new stethoscope product.

What’s Different About Us?

All LDA Research moderators and interviewers are professionals; they either have medical experience, or have held senior research roles in healthcare market research. Recruiting specialists guarantees that interviews with research subjects are more in depth, as interviewers have the confidence to dig deeper. Our clients in Birmingham have given us positive feedback on the range of our medical and pharmaceutical participants we can provide, including C-Suite executives, CCGs, Payors and KOLs. We know our strengths and we use them unstintingly for the benefit of our clients.

Get in Touch

If you’re looking for specialist research participants and think we could help, please call 01525 861 436, email info@ldaresearch.com or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you!

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FREE LDA Research Insight Surveys

LDA Research are proud to be able to share their series of qualitative surveys and infographics. We run regular surveys with different patient and healthcare professionals populations to gain some key insights into different markets.  All of our surveys are available to download through our web-site free of charge.  We cover a wide range of topics. If you would like more in-depth information about any of our surveys, or would like to suggest a future survey topic please contact us using our contact form.

Our Survey on Eczema is available to download FREE here

Our Survey on sleep apnoea is available to download FREE here

Our 2018 Cancer Survey is available to download FREE here

Watch this space for our next survey coming soon…

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