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LDA Research has been providing outstanding medical market research for over a decade now, ever since it was founded by Lucy Doorbar. We’re now recognised as a leading player in the international market, supplying qualitative research for the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector. LDA’s close knit team have worked together on the business from the start. They think it’s their mix of skills, experience and creative innovation that has speeded their growth. The business works with a team of associate specialists who help them to deliver focus groups, in-depth interviews, workshops and surveys across the world. Current research locations include Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas, working on behalf of HCPs, product developers, design agencies and health market research agencies.

An International Reach

Our Birmingham clients tell us that they choose to work with LDA Research because they know they can trust us to deliver the respondents they need for their research. Our consistent success is the result of tenacity, hard work and relationship building. We’re always focused on fulfilling our clients’ briefs, however challenging the target group they’re seeking to engage. We have an excellent track record for accessing ‘hard-to-reach’ patient groups and specialists. We’ve recently completed research into consumables, using an online survey and telephone interviews. Our respondents were ICU, OR, ER, Med-surge nurses, CNOs, Respiratory therapists, Biomedical engineers and purchasers.

A Flexible Methodology

Once we have located the respondents our Birmingham clients require, the LDA team has a reputation for finding engaging and creative ways to draw out detailed research data. We recently worked with pharmacists, nurses and ICU consultants in a workshop that integrated the traditional interview techniques with war gaming and virtual hospital modelling. We’re able to be innovative in our delivery because we have a team of experts we trust to deliver the research methodology. All our moderators are highly experienced healthcare practitioners, or academics engaged in academic research. Their expertise in the field means that they’re able to interview and engage respondents robustly and with confidence.

LDA Provides Key Insights into Different Markets

LDA Research are proud to be able to share their series of qualitative surveys and infographics with Birmingham clients. We run regular overview surveys with different patient and healthcare professional populations to gain some key insights into different markets. All of our overview surveys are available to download through our web-site free of charge. We cover a wide range of topics.

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