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Lucy Doorbar created LDA Research nearly a decade ago. Since then we’ve built a solid reputation in the sector for providing high quality, tailored qualitative research for our clients in Liverpool. We focus where out expertise lies, which is in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector. Our global reach in this area is constantly growing and we are well-known for employing fresh, innovative research methodologies. As a team we’re resourceful, resilient and well-connected – which is why we’re constantly in demand.

International Reach

We promise our Liverpool clients that we can offer them global eyes and ears, which means that we are always busy recruiting new moderators and medical market research participants. We pride ourselves on being able to elist the patients our clients want to survey, and the very best healthcare professionals for our panels. A recent research project involved hospital lab managers from Singapore, India, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, France and the USA in Web Assisted Telephone Depth Interviews (WATI) around a new IT solution for automated lab systems.

Tailored Methodologies

We always begin with the research requirements of our Liverpool clients, then we tailor our methodology to meet those needs. We regularly test out new technologies for clients, or engage participants in a range of interactive approaches. Our work is made possible by a great network of specialist moderators, in fact they are why we’re able to guarantee great results consistently. Their experience, either as researchers, or practitioners means they have the knowledge, and confidence, to be able to ask searching questions, and dig deeper, in order to access rich qualitative data.

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If you are planning a bespoke qualitative research project and would like our help, please call 01525 861 436, email or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you!

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FREE LDA Research Insight Surveys

LDA Research are proud to be able to share their series of qualitative surveys and infographics. We run regular surveys with different patient and healthcare professionals populations to gain some key insights into different markets.  All of our surveys are available to download through our web-site free of charge.  We cover a wide range of topics. If you would like more in-depth information about any of our surveys, or would like to suggest a future survey topic please contact us using our contact form.

Our Survey on Eczema is available to download FREE here

Our Survey on sleep apnoea is available to download FREE here

Our 2018 Cancer Survey is available to download FREE here

Watch this space for our next survey coming soon…