Why choose LDA Research for first-class qualitative data?

Our reach wraps around the world…

Our reputation for international research and global intelligence is built on our success in accessing patients and healthcare professionals worldwide.

We have dedicated healthcare panels in the UK and US. and are also linked to a network of international panels. That means we can be your eyes and ears wherever you need to be. From local culture to regulation and reimbursement, our international field team bring a wealth of local specialist knowledge to your project.

Why choose LDA Research

We’re active recruiters…

As a company with worldwide access, it’s no surprise we go that extra mile to find you the right people. We don’t just rely on our comprehensive database – we’re also constantly scouring the globe for fresh new medical market research participants.

We do this by combining the skills of our internal recruitment teams in the UK and US with those of our trusted international associates. We’re a tenacious bunch and together we work hard to track down hard-to-reach groups. In fact we love a challenge. We’re the kind of ‘can do’ company that keep going until we get what our clients need.

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Healthcare professionals have time for us…

We’re renowned for finding and enlisting healthcare professionals for our international qualitative research. The medical and pharmaceutical participants we use span Primary and Secondary Care, and include CCGs, KOLs, Payors and C-Suite executives. We specialise in recruiting hard-to-access healthcare professionals such as scientists, pharmacists and specialist nurses.

We also excel at choosing the right people at the right price. Using our exceptional contacts, we can cast our net wide to get healthcare professionals on board without breaking your budget.

We find out-of-the-ordinary patients…

We pride ourselves on finding patients with low-prevalence and rare diseases such as NTM, PKU, Niemann Picks Disease and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. And we’re particularly adept at accessing participants with rare diseases. Thanks to our tireless recruitment and strong relationship with the rare disease network, there are no limits to who we can track down.

Impossible isn’t a word in our vocabulary. If a patient is out there, we’ll find them.

We find out-of-the-ordinary patients

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Our moderators have medical backgrounds…

We don’t use students, graduates or call-centre interviewers to conduct our research. At LDA Research, we only hire professional moderators and interviewers with previous experience working for medical companies or from senior roles in specialist healthcare market research.

Our high-calibre moderators lend qualitative research projects an extra dimension. With their indepth knowledge, they can interview more thoroughly, digging deeper with their questioning and helping to draw out insights.

We adapt to your needs…

We’re experts in qualitative research and execute the methodology required by our clients accordingly. We’re also open to different ways of doing things. Need a more interactive approach? Want to utilise new technology? We’re ready, willing and able to adapt.

We’re also happy to accommodate any size project. Whether it’s accessing a hundred respondents in one country or finding one person in five different countries, we can deliver.

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